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Author TOPIC: 2006 HOF Inductees
cory h

April 17, 2014
11:25:03 AM

Entry #: 4121237
Class of 2006 -

Dave Pemberton - Founder (Windsor)

Dave was a founding member of the NSIBL, as the Windsor team's first coach. He was also former President of the Mainland League, as well as President of the Windsor Minor Baseball System for many years. Dave was a steady and strong voice for the NSIBL in its early years, and was an integral part of the League's start.

Class of 2006 - Rod LeFort - Founder (Weymouth)

Rod was coach of the Weymouth Firebirds as well as a founding member of the NSIBL. Rod was also a part of the Mainland League, and never missed a game in metro. His team was always competitive, especially in the late 1990s, when the Firbirds boasted some big bats, speed, and deep pitching. Cricket Field was always in great shape, and Rod's efforts in the early years of the NSIBL were very important for the League's stability and growth.

Class of 2006 - Jason MacDougall - Player (Hansport)

An intimidating presence to say the least, "Big Rig" was a part of the Shamrocks 1990s clubs that won several Provincial and Atlantic championships. MacDougall was always amongst the leaders in hitting, homeruns, runs batted in, and hit by pitches! MacDougall was also a dominating pitcher, losing less than ten games over a seven year stretch. Jason was also a strong catcher and great team player.

Class of 2006 - Roy LeBlanc - Player (Weymouth)

One of the best hurlers in the province for a number of years, LeBlanc was both a leader and key part of the Weymouth Firebirds' successful seasons throughout the 1990s. A classic fireballer, Roy notched some big games on the hill for Weymouth, while also providing a strong bat in a lineup that boasted some impressive talent. Roy was a team leader, and was also considered by opposing players and fans as one of the true "great guys" in the game of baseball.

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