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Author TOPIC: Forum Guidelines

May 7, 2017
8:31:33 AM

Entry #: 4220210
"Please note the following forum guidelines

Your post may not contain swearing/vulgarity, be a threat, or be abrasive and/or bashing. To ensure that decorum remains, you must identify yourself and your team at the end of your messages. If a post does not meet the criteria listed above, it will be subject to deletion. "

Thank you for you understanding and enjoy the forum!

OSBA Executive

OSBA Skeptic

May 9, 2017
7:50:07 AM

Entry #: 4220397
This is a joke right??? NO ONE would post in here if they actually had to put their real name on it!! LOL #TwitterFingers


May 9, 2017
8:33:33 AM

Entry #: 4220409
Why not? If your take is so bad that you can't put your name on it, then don't post it

Pat McEnroe
MSW Twins

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