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Author TOPIC: Equipment for Sale
Mighty Mule

October 1, 2011
3:31:10 PM

Entry #: 3809722
I know alot of us have been playing for years and have gear stored up in the garage. Thought some of the younger ones may want to take advantage. I'll post a list of available gear for sale. If anyone else would like to post stuff they need or want. Maybe we can help eachother out.

Mike Banks

Mighty Mule

October 3, 2011
9:16:50 PM

Entry #: 3811113
Ok Kids here is a list of GEAR I have for sale.

Bauer Vapor XL Skates size 10 used: $60
Nike Ignite Skates size 11 used: 60

CCM Vector 14 inch used "Ovie style" $40

Vapor 4 elbow pads used size sm: $15

Jofa 6090 shin guards 15 inch used: $45

CCM 420 Pants used: $ 30

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