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Author TOPIC: Junior Midget Med. Int.

November 6, 2011
1:49:37 AM

Entry #: 3831726
Thoughts on this division/winners?


November 6, 2011
9:35:38 AM

Entry #: 3831831
Yes I would love to know what people thought about this division. I def had merrimack placing..but what happend to reading or billerica? I was a little thrown back by this division


November 6, 2011
11:24:19 AM

Entry #: 3831885
I agree i thought billerica and reading were good but billerica was better than the 2nd place team i think both teams will get an invite.


November 6, 2011
11:35:40 AM

Entry #: 3831892
That was my thought, too! Merrimack was definately a great team but I was sure Billerica or Reading would have taken second?!!


November 6, 2011
12:00:36 PM

Entry #: 3831912
Yeah i thought Reading was a little off this week, But i thought Billerica was spot on !


November 6, 2011
7:55:55 PM

Entry #: 3832218
I thought Merrimack had a great routine, very creative choreography and loved their theme :) Would love to know were Billerica placed?? Has anyone heard anything about possible invites?


November 6, 2011
8:41:07 PM

Entry #: 3832264
I would love to know why billerica didn't place, i thought they did great, i didn't see any errors in that routine. Does anyone know what happened?


November 6, 2011
9:13:11 PM

Entry #: 3832311
Billerica, had few stunt groups not work and a from what i saw a girl did step off the mat. Probably why they didn't place, but then again im not a judge :) I was thinking they would have been in second though, when they hit it they were tight.


November 6, 2011
9:59:10 PM

Entry #: 3832356
I personally think Billerica did great!, and I did not see anyone step off all i saw was a touch out.


November 7, 2011
2:39:03 PM

Entry #: 3832977
Billerica had no one step off and one stunt didn't work properly any invites yet ?

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