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Author TOPIC: Pee Wee Meduim Novice Predictions!!

November 7, 2011
11:09:23 PM

Entry #: 3833455
Who do you think will be taking 1st and 2nd at Regionals in the Pee Wee Medium Novice divison?


November 8, 2011
12:48:28 AM

Entry #: 3833497
I think Saugus and Newmilford will take top 2 ! though competition .


November 8, 2011
6:32:52 AM

Entry #: 3833540
I agree with your prediction


November 8, 2011
5:28:00 PM

Entry #: 3834130
Do you think Dracut or whoever was 2nd on Sunday have a chance? I've seen NM...what does Saugus do? I'm looking forward to seeing them.


November 8, 2011
6:07:00 PM

Entry #: 3834164
Saugus has alot of difficulty in their routine


November 8, 2011
6:51:27 PM

Entry #: 3834206
Saugus' routine is the best that I have seen in this division


November 8, 2011
7:05:51 PM

Entry #: 3834214
OMG I saw the difference in Dracut from Emass and qualifiers and if the bring it again they could take it.


November 8, 2011
8:48:59 PM

Entry #: 3834294
New Milford is really good, don't count out new Fairfield yet anyone know if they got an invite ?


November 8, 2011
9:25:01 PM

Entry #: 3834315
I believe they were the only ones in the division to be invited.


November 11, 2011
8:51:02 AM

Entry #: 3835763
this is going to be exciting. i can't wait to watch! :)


November 12, 2011
9:04:00 PM

Entry #: 3836563
i think saugus in 1st and new milford in 2nd. saugus has a strong team and has outstanding performances at competition. I havent seen much of New Mildford but i heard they are vey clean. One of these teams have a great chance of national champs this year.!


November 12, 2011
9:40:22 PM

Entry #: 3836592
DRACUT gets better and better every time i see them... my money is on Saugus and DRACUT all the way


November 13, 2011
12:59:33 PM

Entry #: 3836877
I am thinking it might be dracut and new milford or dracut and saugus one of the combinations

cheercrazy :D

November 13, 2011
3:05:53 PM

Entry #: 3836918
i think saugus is going to take first, they have skill, difficulty, tight motions and outstanding performances at competitions... i havent seen much of the other teams buti think dracut or new milford will take 2nd

cheercrazy :D

November 20, 2011
2:03:35 PM

Entry #: 3840913
congratulations to Saugus and Dracut!!!!! good luck in disney girls

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