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Author TOPIC: LG INT Stuntin Question B level

November 8, 2011
9:28:43 AM

Entry #: 3833632
how many stunt groups do you usually see in large intermediate on the B level??


November 8, 2011
9:57:36 AM

Entry #: 3833659
A large team would usually put up at least 5 But really it depends on how many kids are on the team


November 8, 2011
5:26:53 PM

Entry #: 3834127
I saw Sunday's comp and Old Rochester did I think 6 but they weren't all extended on one leg. But New Fairfield has 6, maybe more. And they extend every kid all the time.


November 8, 2011
5:41:02 PM

Entry #: 3834140
I've seen a full 7 stunt groups before, which can be done if you have the max 35 cheerleaders. As someone already said, large typically will have at least 5 groups, but it depends on if the team is on the low end of Large or the high end.


November 8, 2011
9:27:51 PM

Entry #: 3834316
If you had 35 kids you'd be able to do 8 groups if some didn't have a front spot. I always think you score a bit higher without fronts on all your groups.

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