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November 19, 2011
9:49:14 PM

Entry #: 3840633
what r the resuluts from 2nd session ??? only saw 1st


November 20, 2011
12:10:01 AM

Entry #: 3840686
Here are a couple teams I remember from the 2nd session
Midget med novice edgewood 1st methuen 2nd
Jr midget med novice methuen 1st
Midget large novice dracut 1st danbury 2nd
Midget inter med billrica 2nd
Sorry can't remember any more to long of a day lol


November 20, 2011
4:13:16 AM

Entry #: 3840743
Midget Inter Medium was Revere 2nd, Milford 1st


November 20, 2011
9:08:09 AM

Entry #: 3840767
Sorry billerica was midget large inter! I was tired it was a long day lol

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