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Author TOPIC: 2nd Place Team Not Going to Florida
Lissa B

November 23, 2011
10:58:34 AM

Entry #: 3842869
What happens if the 2nd place team, after Regionals, can't afford to go to Disney and therefore doesn't go? Does it get offered to the 3rd place team or do we not send anyone but the 1st place team? Just curious.


November 23, 2011
2:57:23 PM

Entry #: 3843016
Actually all coaches have to submit letter of acceptance to Nationals before regionals, so I think that would have been brought up at regionals if the 3rd place team was going to go instead. I always give my parents the expense of going all the that they are ready if we win, because once I send that letter of acceptance there is no turning back. Some have opened new credit cards just to pay for it.

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