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Author TOPIC: League Competitions

August 5, 2012
12:01:34 PM

Entry #: 3957564
The decision has been made. A & C teams will be competing on the 6th of October and the B & D teams will be on the 13th of October. Can't wait to see everyone. Have a great season. Ticket price is $10.00<\b> Start times are 10:00am and 1:30pm. Tickets will be available soon.


August 5, 2012
4:43:56 PM

Entry #: 3957663
Thank you Lynette!


August 6, 2012
10:23:30 PM

Entry #: 3958446
None of the pop warner websites list a location for leagues. Is it at Lawrence High School again?

Also, DCU Center doesn't show pop warner in it's events calendar and Mass Mutual Center shows Pop Warner for both November 3rd AND 10th. Is Regional Qualifiers being held in Springfield this year?


August 7, 2012
10:18:30 PM

Entry #: 3959012
probably a little early for this question, but any ideas what teams will go when, for league's
does the intermediate teams go in the morning or
is it novice and advances, and the intermediates in the afternoon ?? what happened last year ??


August 8, 2012
8:40:46 AM

Entry #: 3959130
I believe both Regional events are taking place in Springfield this year!


August 10, 2012
7:58:21 AM

Entry #: 3960302
League competitions will be held at Lawrence HS October 6 & 13th. Regional Qualifiers November 3 & 4 Mass Mutual Center Springfield. Regionals are November 10, Mass Mutual Center Springfield.

cheer LEADER

August 21, 2012
11:22:06 AM

Entry #: 3965384
Lynette I was just wondering are there still going to be invites this year even with all the new divisions?


August 21, 2012
1:44:16 PM

Entry #: 3965472
There are no Invites! Teams may qualify to move on based on scores.


August 27, 2012
12:54:28 PM

Entry #: 3968142
It seems that the confusion of Invite/qualify topic comes up every year? It would be nice to have a clear understanding of what the guidelines are to "qualify" to move on vs placing 1st or 2nd etc... Lynette is this definition posted somewhere so that those who will be questioning the rules can see it in black and white? I myself understand it to be in the scoring but I also never quite understood how it its determined


August 27, 2012
4:10:32 PM

Entry #: 3968299
Will scores be posted this year for league competition and EMASS?

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