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Author TOPIC: new llevels

August 22, 2012
1:37:20 PM

Entry #: 3965935
Is any one else wondering why another change
why the need to redesign/ rename the levels
please explain,
on top of last years change in team sizes? why
It seems like its getting a little silly / ridiculous with the amount of teams that move on. It seems like alot of teams and it just keeps getting bigger....


August 23, 2012
10:29:11 AM

Entry #: 3966287
At first I was excited to think there would be levels 1-4. However, I am very disappointed with the transition from Level 2 to 3. In All stars, Level 2 allows you to back handspring, and straight ride baskets. Pop Warner does not allow this in Level 2, but then allows round-off tucks and tricks in baskets in Level 3.

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