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Author TOPIC: New England Football Rankings week 9/16
New England Connect

September 20, 2012
10:16:19 AM

Entry #: 3980415

Hello Pop Warner Family,
Sorry for the delay as I have began a new career in Athletics at a prep school. I will be updating the rankings/report every week either on Tuesday nights or by Wednesday’s drive home. First things first let’s get to the top storylines of this year….

1. Will there be an unlimited representative from New England that could potentially win a national title at Disney? If my memory serves me correctly, this is the first year that Unlimited will be a bracket at Disney. As we all know our Midget level is usually our best chance at a national title coming up short 4x the last 10 years in the national finals.. No need to discuss the details of those heartbreaking losses. With a lot of teams leaving midgets all together to unlimited… is this their year in Disney…
2. Where are the Boston Raiders? ?? Its early in the year but to my record they don’t have a pee wee team and their 3 other weight classes have not won a game!! If I told you that a mere 2 years ago you would of laughed in my face.. Their Unlimited, Jr midgets, and JPW are all 0-2….
3. Bridgeport Raiders have come back to pop Warner but it seems they are not the powerhouse that we all remember…
4. Jr midgets- Can anyone challenge New Haven… many teams are making noise early this year
5. Everett Eagles and Everett Huskies have combined to be the Everett Crimson Tide… will this help them dominate more so..
Much more stuff to get to but let’s get to our rankings and we will go from there!!
This could be the most exciting division.. great football here make sure people get out and see these kids play.. think of the Dorchester/Malden/Everett/Boston/New Haven matchups of old but with larger kids… I will not be doing a game of the week in this division until I find out a little bit more on some certain teams. Bare with me with the no comments after the teams for a week or so..
1. Everett Crimson Tide (MA) (2-0)
2. Danbury Trojans (CT)(3-0)
3. King Phillip Chiefs (MA)(3-0)
4. Malden Cyclones (MA)(2-0)
5. Worcester Vikings (MA)(2-0)
6. Leominster Blue Devils (MA)(2-0)
7. Lawrence Hurricanes (MA)(2-0)
8. Waltham Pop Warner(MA) (2-0)
9. Reading Rockets(MA) (2-0)
10. New Fairfield Falcons (CT)(2-0)

I will no longer be rankings the division 1 midgets as so many teams have left for unlimited… Teams to be on the watch for include but are not limited to:
Hyde Park Cowboys (MA)(3-0)
West Haven Seahawks(CT)(3-0)
Park City Panthers(CT)(3-0)
Plymouth Vikings (MA)(3-0)
Oakwood Raiders (RI)(3-0)
Mt Hope Cowboys (RI) (2-0-1)
Edgewood Eagles (RI) (2-0-1)
And a few more but they are clearly not the same competition as their once was, it is sad but the unlimited division in a lot of people’s eyes give the kids a better chance to get ready for high school…

1. New Haven Steelers (CT)(3-0) Is there any doubt? They have refueled and are locked and loaded..
2. Everett Crimson Tide(MA) (2-0) two teams into one…
3. Woburn Trojans (2-0)(MA) People are talking about this team.. like talking big things
4. Worcester Vikings (2-0)(MA) Do they have enough to get over the hump after two devasting defeats the last two years..
5. Triton Vikings (MA)(2-0) Are they a complete team ??
6. East Lynn Bulldogs (MA) (2-0) Are the dogs back or not?
7. Mt Hope Cowboys (RI) (4-0) are they ready for division 1?we will know in 2weeks against Worcester…
8. North Attleboro Comets (MA) (3-0) Tough tests looming in Brockton and Westwood
9. Brookline JP Patriots (2-0) last year their Jr midget squad shocked myself and a lot of others..
10. Westwood Pop Warner (MA) (3-0) SEE ABOVE
This division has a lot of teams not mentioned that could make some moves… stay tuned
Game of the Week: 2. Everett Crimson @ Chelmsford Cougars (2-0)
This is a great chance for Chelmsford to establish themselves as a top 10 and for Everett to show that they are truly worth their rankings

1. Worcester Vikings (MA) (2-0) bigger and better than last year…
2. Everett Crimson Tide (MA) (2-0) two teams combined into one (both playoff teams last year)
3. Bridgeport Raiders (CT)(3-0) boy does that qb have an arm….
4. Hartford Pop Warner (CT) (3-0) can they get out of their state?
5. Malden Cyclones (MA) (2-0) tough tests looming…
6. Norfolk Vikings (MA) (3-0) small numbers but all can play…
7. Mt Hope Cowboys (RI) (3-0)the question remains are they ready for division 1
8. Acton Boxboro Colonials (2-0) no tests yet..
9. Woburn Trojans (2-0) see above
10. Revere Jr Patriots (2-0) only time will tell with this group

As always it is early in the year so many teams have a chance to make moves..
Game of the Week: 3. Bridgeport Raiders @ D2 Amity Coppers (3-0)
This is a tough test for Bridgeport as Amity is ranked in D2 jrmidgets

As always not until Week 5 in Eastern Mass do I rank the Jr peewees as there are so many teams and not enough credentials.. teams to watch in no particular order…
Dorchester Eagles (2-0)
East Lynn Bulldogs (2-0)
Malden Cyclones (2-0)
Wakefield Pop Warner(2-0)
Hyde Park Cowboys (2-0)
Danbury Trojans (3-0)
Mt Hope Cowboys (4-0) and many more…

As stated in the division 1 midget section.. the patriot/unlimited division has put a damper on the midgets in New England… however West Lynn Rams will be represent our region in Division 2 … Mark it down now..

Division 2 Jr Midgets
1. Stratford Redskins (CT)(3-0) with Mt Hope gone can anyone stop them?
2. Billerica Indians (MA)(2-0) can they move forward from last year
3. North Kingstown Jaguars (RI)(4-0) is the competition for real?
4. Mansfield JR Football (MA)(3-0) 3 other teams in the hockomock are also undefeated…
5. East Bay Warriors (RI) (3-0) no one has scored on them yet..
6. Cambridge Warriors (2-0) Can they win the big game?
7. Grafton Chiefs (1-1) (MA)lost to a d1 team..
8. Wilmington Wildcats (2-0)(MA) are they ready for the next step?
9. South End Titans (1-1 (MA)) lost a tough game to a d1 squad
10. West Haven Seahawks (3-0) can they play with the Redskins?
Game of the Week: D1 East Lynn vs. 9. South End Titans… Is this schedule with d1 teams going to help or hurt South End
Division 2 Pee Wee
1. West Haven Seahawks (3-0) people are saying best team in d1 and d2
2. Middletown Islanders (3-0) tough tests looming
3. Bedford Jr Bulldogs (3-0) no competition yet
4. North County Panthers (2-0) 75-0 in two games
5. Wilmington Wildcats (2-0) great program
6. Canton Pop Warner (3-0) are they a sleeper?
7. Cambridge Warriors (2-0) can the program get far in emass
8. Sakkonet Pop Warner (3-0) who are they?
9. Lawrence Hurricanes (2-0)
10. Amity Pop Warner (3-0) can they play with the Seahawks?
Game of the Week : TBD (check back Friday)


OK FOLKS. That’s it for today.. please spread the word and try to get everyone to read the report/rankings… remember as always I love feedback whether it is positive or negative… my email is on the top of the report… please try to get a link on your homepages of your leagues website as well


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