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Author TOPIC: ooa yet
cheer dad lpw

September 22, 2012
6:24:05 PM

Entry #: 3981658
ooa yet just wondering


September 23, 2012
9:40:40 AM

Entry #: 3981895
Hi, Order should be posted by middle of the week. We are just double checking everything.


September 26, 2012
9:43:01 AM

Entry #: 3984149
Will the Order Of Appearance come out today?

Cheering Mommah

September 27, 2012
7:17:12 AM

Entry #: 3984789
The OOA is posted on the MVL site:

Pee Wee's Morning Session
Cambridge Warriors Small Level 2
Wakefield Warriors Small Level 1
Revere Jr. Patriots Small Level 2
Boston Bengals Medium Level 1
Waltham Devil Dogs Small Level 2
East Lynn Bulldogs Medium Level 1
Lawrence Hurricanes Small Level 2
Medford Colts Medium Level 1
Chelmsford Cougars Small Level 2
Arlington Spy Ponders Small Level 3
Everett Crimson Tide C 2 Medium Level 2
Mission Hill Fenway Buc. Small Level 3
Reading Rockets Medium Level 2
Everett Crimson Tide C 1 Medium Level 3
Melrose Apaches Medium Level 2
Arlington Spy Ponders Mitey Mites
Triton Vikings Medium Level 2
Melrose Apaches Mitey Mites
Saugus Sachems Medium Level 2
Waltham Devil Dogs Mitey Mites
Methuen Rangers Medium Level 2
Cambridge Warriors Mitey Mites
Somerville Jr. Highl. Medium Level 2
Somerville Jr. Highl. Mitey Mites
West Lynn Rams Large Level 2
Chelmsford Cougars Mitey Mites
Billerica Scouts Large Level 2
Burlington Patriots Small Level 4
Triton Vikings Mitey Mites
Dracut Middies Medium Level 4

Midgets Afternoon

Malden Cyclones Small Level 2
Lowell Red Raiders Small Level 1
Arlington Spy Ponders Small Level 2
East Lynn Bulldogs Medium Level 1
Somerville Jr. Highl. Small Level 2
Westford Jr. Ghosts Small Level 3
Wakefield Warriors Small Level 2
Triton Vikings Small Level 3
Cambridge Warriors Small Level 2
Reading Rockets Medium Level 3
Mission Hill Fenway Buc. Small Level 2
Revere Jr. Patriots Medium Level 3
Methuen Rangers Small Level 2
Dracut Middies Medium Level 3
Chelsea Jr. Red Devils Medium Level 2
Waltham Devil Dogs Medium Level 3
Lawrence Hurricanes Medium Level 2
Woburn Trojans Large Level 3
Medford Colts Medium Level 2
Billerica Indians Large Level 3
Chelmsford Cougars Medium Level 2
Medford Colts Mitey Mites
Everett Crimson Tide Large Level 2
Wilmington Wildcats Mitey Mites
West Lynn Rams Large Level 2
Lowell Red Raiders Mitey Mites
Wilmington Wildcats Medium Level 4
West Lynn Rams Mitey Mites
Westford Jr. Ghosts Mitey Mites
Malden Cyclones Mitey Mites


September 27, 2012
7:47:55 AM

Entry #: 3984798
Thanks! Cheerchatter, I was trying to post it here last night and the site kept crashing on me.


September 27, 2012
10:53:04 AM

Entry #: 3984887
Is it just me, or does anyone else feel like this list is very short this year?? Do we have any idea when the OOA for D and B will be up??


September 27, 2012
2:58:49 PM

Entry #: 3985056
New here! Whats the MVL website??


September 27, 2012
4:41:42 PM

Entry #: 3985144
Do we know about what time each session will start at?


September 27, 2012
5:01:38 PM

Entry #: 3985159
i believe- 10am and 1:30pm


September 27, 2012
7:38:45 PM

Entry #: 3985230
MVL Website is
Competition times are 10:00am Start for C teams and 1:30pm Start for A teams. Coaches Lawrence PW will hav a pre order form for Pizza and Soda's if you want to order. They will also be able to accept Debit and Credit Cards for food at the concessions. Once I get the flyer, I will send it out to all the directors and post it here too.


September 28, 2012
9:54:58 AM

Entry #: 3985485
What about Jr. Midget and Jr. Pee Wee?!


September 30, 2012
4:26:21 PM

Entry #: 3986598
Lynette, When will the OOA be posted for Jr. Midgets and Jr. Pee Wee's? Thank you :)


September 30, 2012
8:36:22 PM

Entry #: 3986757
We hope to save it done, this week.


September 30, 2012
8:38:36 PM

Entry #: 3986759
We are not printing copies of the order, so please make sure your parents print it out if they want one.

Cheering Mommah

October 1, 2012
7:35:51 AM

Entry #: 3986969
Thanks for the heads up. Good luck to all the teams competing this saturday!


October 3, 2012
12:49:40 PM

Entry #: 3988522
Ok, so we are having the order of performance printed for spectators, Thanks to a Dracut Pop Warner!! Limited number


October 4, 2012
7:42:37 AM

Entry #: 3988844
Any ooa for next weekend yet?


October 8, 2012
9:05:37 AM

Entry #: 3990202
Will the ooa be posted today?


October 8, 2012
10:08:21 AM

Entry #: 3990220

Cheering Mommah

October 8, 2012
12:41:02 PM

Entry #: 3990293
Anticipaaation keps ringing in my head.


October 8, 2012
1:58:02 PM

Entry #: 3990362
Is anyone else checking the website every 15 mins? I am obsessed!!!


October 8, 2012
3:00:09 PM

Entry #: 3990393
I've kept the website up at work all day, the refresh button is my best friend! haha


October 8, 2012
3:52:31 PM

Entry #: 3990429
:( Sorry stop refreshing! if at all it will be tonight. some people are working today and no access to email

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