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Author TOPIC: Advancing in League Competition

October 2, 2012
8:23:11 AM

Entry #: 3987701
I know in the past years, for League competition, the 1st and 2nd place teams advanced. Is that still the same for this years League comp? Curious if that has changed with the new division format...


October 2, 2012
10:29:13 AM

Entry #: 3987773
Never thought about that! Good question! Anyone here know the answer? Maybe Lynette could answer this.


October 3, 2012
7:27:19 AM

Entry #: 3988320
Hi You're confusing League with Conference. In League's top 8 move on from each division. In Conference it's top 2.

Cheering Mommah

October 3, 2012
8:24:19 AM

Entry #: 3988339
Thank you Lynette :)

Lynette do you know when the 2nd League's OOA will be posted?


October 5, 2012
12:18:36 AM

Entry #: 3989243
Im confused! Top 8 teams in each division? Can someone explain to me what that means. Thanks

Cheering Mommah

October 5, 2012
7:59:52 AM

Entry #: 3989284
I will try and explain, Lynette please correct me if i am wrong. Easter Mass is a CONFERENCE that has 4 DIVISIONS. You have Merrimack Valley, Greater Boston, Middlesex and North Shore. These four DIVISIONS make up the Eastern Mass CONFERENCE. So from the Division competition known as "Leagues", the top 8 teams move on to the Conference (eastern Mass) competition. From the Conference competition only the top two teams automatically move forward. OTher teams need to qualify to move on by scoring within so many points of the first place team. My guess as to why 8 teams move on from leagues is that it is the first competition and to allow teams to perfect their routine and compete at the conference competition. Hope this helps :)

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