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Author TOPIC: Lynette?

October 4, 2012
12:27:38 PM

Entry #: 3988965
Would you happen to know if they will be offering the dvd's again this year for saturdays competiton? if so, what will the price be?


October 4, 2012
3:05:18 PM

Entry #: 3989028
I believe Varsity Media may be doing this. I'll double check.

Varsity Media
P.O. Box 781
Long Beach, NY 11561
(516) 338-8615


October 4, 2012
3:19:57 PM

Entry #: 3989032
HI Yes Varsity media will be selling DVD's again. They are $30.00 per session and $12.00 for awards. The order form was sent to all the coordinators the other day. I will have the webmaster post it here also.


October 5, 2012
12:14:08 PM

Entry #: 3989389
thank you

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