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Author TOPIC: ocean state?

October 22, 2012
12:21:29 PM

Entry #: 3997666
any OOA yet?


October 23, 2012
9:02:25 PM

Entry #: 3999043
Ocean state's OOA is up on their website.

Cheering Mommah

October 24, 2012
7:39:13 AM

Entry #: 3999245
Jr Pee Wee-Medium-PW1 West Elmwood
Tiny Mite Mt Hope
Jr Pee Wee-Medium-PW1 Coventry
Mitey Mite Edgewood
Jr Pee Wee-Medium-PW1 East Providence
Mitey Mite East Providence
Jr Pee Wee-Medium-PW1 Mt Hope
Flag West Elmwood
Pee Wee-Medium-PW1 Edgewood
Jr Pee Wee-Medium-PW1 Edgewood
Pee Wee-Medium-PW1 Warwick
Flag Warwick
Jr Pee Wee-Medium-PW1 North Kingstown
Flag Coventry
Jr Pee Wee-Medium-PW1 Oakwood
Pee Wee-Medium-PW2 East Providence
Jr Pee Wee-Small-PW2 Exeter West Greenwich
Pee Wee-Medium-PW2 Coventry

Afternoon Session
Jr Midget-Small-PW1 West Elmwood
Jr Midget-Small-PW2 Warwick
Mitey Mite Warwick
Jr Midget-Medium-PW1 North Kingstown
Tiny Mite North Kingstown
Jr Midget-Medium-PW1 Edgewood
Tiny Mite Edgewood
Jr Midget-Medium-PW2 East Providence
Tiny Mite Exeter West Greenwich
Jr Midget-Medium-PW2 Exeter West Greenwich
Jr Midget-Large-PW2 Chariho
Midget-Small-PW2 West Elmwood
Tiny Mite Oakwood
Midget-Medium-PW2 Oakwood
Midget-Medium-PW2 East Providence
Midget-Large-PW2 Edgewood
Challenger East Providence

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