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Author TOPIC: Judging / Scoring change this year

October 24, 2012
11:10:03 AM

Entry #: 3999393
Is there a new scoring system this year for comps?
If so, can anyone give us "dummies" some info on how it will change and what we should look for? Is it ALL comps?


October 24, 2012
3:52:17 PM

Entry #: 3999628
There was no new score sheets for leagues :/. There will be for Emass and so on. It will be like starting all over because noone knows how they will be judged with the new sheets. Everything is out of 10!
I like the old score sheets since that is what they been using for years and I am use to them! Sad to see them go!


October 24, 2012
4:15:53 PM

Entry #: 3999640
I like the new score sheets. I think they are much clearer on how scores are determined. If you have any questions, the guidelines can be found in the rule book. I like how in the higher levels (3 and 4), basket scores are separate from pyramid. I did not like how they were combined before. Execution is worth 15 points, while difficulty in most categories (jumps, stunts, pyramid, dismounts) are worth 10. Tumbling in levels 1 and 2 are worth 10, and levels 3 and 4, worth 5, because levels 1 and 2 do not have basket tosses (which are worth 5 points in levels 3 and 4). In addition to your difficulty scores, you can earn up to one extra point for execution of jumps, stunts, pyramid and dismounts. The rule book really has a great description of the new scoring.

Big L

October 24, 2012
5:45:12 PM

Entry #: 3999692
Lynnette Do tiny mites get a score sheet or comments even though the don't compete. I would like feedback lol

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