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Author TOPIC: Power Outages, School Closings and Practices....
Lissa B

October 29, 2012
2:50:26 PM

Entry #: 4002364
Lynette, Ginger, Karen....anyone.....

With practices so vital right now and school closings happening across the region, is there any "official" position regarding practices since some may be able to practice before this weekend and some may not? I know this sounds petty and safety is of the utmost importance, but I'm anticipating the "it wasn't fair" commentary because some could practice and some couldn't....



October 29, 2012
3:04:17 PM

Entry #: 4002371
Same thing happened last year with the snow storm, and the teams that should of won, won, so I don't see a problem. We have teams that win and never get to practice on mats, is that fair? Teams that don't get inside space, I could go on. EMASS will survive we always do.

Lissa B

October 29, 2012
3:10:36 PM

Entry #: 4002376
Great explanation, Lynnette! Thank You!!!!

I wasn't sure if I should even ask the question but thank you for responding.

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