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Author TOPIC: Forum Rules & Guidelines (Please review)

November 5, 2012
3:37:10 PM

Entry #: 4006857
The Conference will not tolerate:
Any Inappropriate subject matter that includes but not limited to:

. Adult Conversations
. Racey or Suggestive Comments
. Alcohol/Tobacco/Sex
. Foul Language
. Inciting and/or Encouraging Bad Behavior
. Threats
. Racial or Ethnic Remarks
. Sexisim
. Harrassment
. Accusations
. Poor Sportsmanship
. Team or League Bashing
. Using Childrens Names and/or Addresses
.This Website may not be used to advance personal agendas or concerns.
Such as Association meetings,unrelated Pop Warner Business,Retail ,etc.
Anyone that chooses to violate these rules may be banned from this site without notice!
This is a life-time ban.
This site belongs to the children and you are their guest.

james A

September 19, 2016
11:22:58 AM

Entry #: 4208636
The rules are a joke. How about addressing the way teams CHEAT the weight class system? Start putting safety 1st

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