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Author TOPIC: Jr midget medium level 3 thoughts?

November 9, 2012
7:58:46 AM

Entry #: 4008945
Any thoughts on the Jr Midget Med 3 division at regionals tomorrow? I hear all the teams look pretty good.


November 9, 2012
9:02:25 AM

Entry #: 4008977
They all look great! I say Derby - East Lynn! Amity and Malden are great too but I think Derby and East Lynn have more difficulty and execute it pretty cleanly! But like they say any given "saturday" it basically comes down to who has the best day!


November 9, 2012
9:14:01 AM

Entry #: 4008982
any thoughts on jr midget lg 3? Wolcott, Waltham, and Saugus are all really good!


November 9, 2012
9:15:15 AM

Entry #: 4008984
This division could go to anyone of these 3! they are all amazing!


November 9, 2012
9:49:30 AM

Entry #: 4008996
There are 4 teams.
You forgot Dedham.


November 9, 2012
9:56:42 AM

Entry #: 4009000
I like east lynn but of course i am bias with a niece on the team. However i do think all the teams will do very well


November 10, 2012
2:03:33 PM

Entry #: 4009655
What are the main thoughts on Amity? I haven't yet got a chance to see them.

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