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November 11, 2012
2:27:23 PM

Entry #: 4010053
Was I the only one who thought that there were alot of teams that were 3rd and 4th that seemed so much better then the 1st and 2nd place teams. Some divisions were spot on. I want to see the scores in some of those divisions


November 11, 2012
2:58:27 PM

Entry #: 4010062
(i want to Reword a couple things) And congratulations to all the girls who made it to nationals bring home lots of titles to Eastern mass! Im not a judge and there must have been seriously close calls in those divisions! And I can't wait to see how close those divisions were.


November 11, 2012
3:41:43 PM

Entry #: 4010074
Which divisions do you think 3rd and 4th should have placed 1st and second?


November 11, 2012
10:52:09 PM

Entry #: 4010327
In Midget Medium 2 I thought Medford should of got 2nd in a heart beat. These scores should either be re counted or looked at more carefully. Medford got 4th and they have won every competition and got 2nd last Saturday. I was stunned and shocked when they got 4th. But good job to the other teams! I don't know that much about them but they won so good job!


November 11, 2012
10:56:05 PM

Entry #: 4010333
I also want to add, that I don't think that any other team deserved to win less. They were all amazing or they won't be going to Disney. GOOD JOB TO ALL CHEERLEADERS!! Be proud you all did amazing!


November 11, 2012
11:30:05 PM

Entry #: 4010350
I also thought midget medium 3 was a little sketchy


November 11, 2012
11:56:51 PM

Entry #: 4010362
What makes you say that?


November 12, 2012
12:59:56 PM

Entry #: 4010563
I completely agree with Cheerbarbie about Medford Midgets. I think that they definitely should have placed 2nd on Saturday. I do not want to take away from the other teams but I don't understand what happened with the scores. Something needs to be looked at again.

cheermama76 M

November 12, 2012
1:11:35 PM

Entry #: 4010570
why cheermom444?
p.s. revere did so good! cant wait to here about disney

cheer dad lpw

November 12, 2012
5:57:49 PM

Entry #: 4010748
cheer mom you are correct on midget med 3

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