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Author TOPIC: Disney!

November 11, 2012
11:42:52 PM

Entry #: 4010358
which teams should jpw medium 3 and pw medium 3 look out 4 in disney?!


November 12, 2012
9:03:35 AM

Entry #: 4010428
JPW 3- Old Bride Knights, Cicero Falcons, Roger Bacon Academy Vikings, North Rockland Raiders

PW- St. Celia's Golden Knights, Cicero Falcons, Old Bridge Knights, Monroe Wolverines

Not sure what division/size they are this year, but consistantly in the past produce great teams intermediate teams for Nationals.


November 12, 2012
3:13:26 PM

Entry #: 4010656
how about jr midget large level 3??


November 12, 2012
4:30:35 PM

Entry #: 4010704
Interesting, looks like none of these teams have PW Med 3. Either no Peewee or they have gone to level 4. I am looking forward to seeing the new faces of the intermediate competition! Good luck everyone!

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