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Author TOPIC: What's Wrong With NE Regional Website?

November 12, 2012
9:51:53 AM

Entry #: 4010449
What is the delay in getting the New England Region Website up and running? It's been more than 10 days or so!!
We need it!! This is the busiest time of year with Football playoffs & Cheer Finals!!
Why is it shut down? It's just not right that any and all information that we are getting is from this forum!!


November 12, 2012
10:15:56 AM

Entry #: 4010465
Hi: The website is not shut down, there is a problem with it, and the hosting company is trying to fix it. Not sure why it's taking so long either, but I do know there was a database problem. I'm sure once they fix it, it will be back up. Congrats to all the teams!


November 12, 2012
10:26:47 AM

Entry #: 4010474
Scores Regional Finalsare usually posted on NE website.
Is there anyway we can get them on here?

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