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Author TOPIC: ooa for nationals

November 19, 2012
8:46:56 AM

Entry #: 4014056
when can we expect the OOA for nationals

Lissa B

November 19, 2012
9:06:41 AM

Entry #: 4014064
I doubt it'll be for a while. There are some regions still having their Regional Championship (Southeast Region is this upcoming weekend! - Can you imagine?!?!?)

I bet Lynette can confirm.....


November 19, 2012
10:08:31 AM

Entry #: 4014100
Several years ago when there was no NE Qualifier .. our New England Regionals were the Saturday after Thanksgiving. The last region competes on Sunday, November 25.


November 19, 2012
10:11:39 AM

Entry #: 4014102
Last year, we received the order Wednesday, November 30


November 19, 2012
10:36:42 AM

Entry #: 4014116
It states on the National's website the OOA will be up on the 27th.

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