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Author TOPIC: Regional Qualifier has been eliminated?!?
Lissa B

June 10, 2013
11:20:47 AM

Entry #: 4064532
Is it true?

Also, do we know the date of the Merrimack Valley Competition? I know that there are 3 dates out there - I'm trying to make some fall travel plans so I was curious if any decision has been made.



June 15, 2013
12:34:23 PM

Entry #: 4066239
Lisa: League comps are Oct 5th & 12th. EMASS is October 26, 2013. Regionals are Nov 9 & 16.

Team CF

June 18, 2013
10:53:06 AM

Entry #: 4066872


June 24, 2013
7:06:21 PM

Entry #: 4068404
Pretty vague question. What competition are you talking about?

Team CF

June 25, 2013
3:08:06 PM

Entry #: 4068783
Hello I was talking about League For October 5 and 12. What days are what teams going. Is it still A and C on the 5th and B and D on the 12.


June 26, 2013
7:41:25 PM

Entry #: 4069285
No it should be reversed this year. Not 100% sure though as we have to wait to see what we have for teams.


June 27, 2013
8:32:30 PM

Entry #: 4069601
Last year, A and C were first and B and D were the second weekend, so it will probably be B and D first and A and C the second weekend.

Cheering Mommah

July 8, 2013
11:17:27 AM

Entry #: 4071758
How are Regionals going to be done if there are no Regional qualifiers and there are two dates?


July 12, 2013
2:20:17 PM

Entry #: 4073026
Regional's will be done the same way we do leagues. Not sure if it will be A & B together, and D & C together. Again have to wait to see what they have for teams

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