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Author TOPIC: squad sizes/competing

August 12, 2013
6:03:01 PM

Entry #: 4082016
I've heard a few people say that medium and large squads are going to be competing against each other. if it's true I don't understand how they would do the scoring how would it be fair unless they went back to small and large squad and didn't have medium or its just a rumor because it really doesn't make any sense to have the medium and large if they going to just compete against each other anyway.a large squad may have an advantage over a medium squad because they may be able to do more stones and have more girls with more tumbling. if anyone knows if this is true and why could you post it?


August 12, 2013
7:26:51 PM

Entry #: 4082046
I don't know who you are hearing anything from, but if you don't hear it from your league director then don't believe anything you hear or were told. The 4 League Directors along with the conference Director haven't heard or made that decision. Good Luck to all the teams this season.


August 13, 2013
10:48:08 AM

Entry #: 4082204
Thank you and I know rumors drive me nuts thats why I asked I will have to be patient and wait and see either wat love Pop Warner!! and I had a typo in last post it was supposed to say stunts I think it came out saying stones oops!

Top Notch

August 14, 2013
12:14:53 AM

Entry #: 4082453
i think they are talking about the new rule that only applies to level 4. Because in the past recent years, there has not been enough teams to compete against in the level 4 skill level, if there is only 1 smal, 1 med and 1 lg, they will average the total number of participants and all will compete in the size. But again, will only apply to level 4 and only if there are not enough teams to compete. Your director knows the change. Doesnt pertain to parents


August 14, 2013
12:53:48 PM

Entry #: 4082561
What is the new rule, I dont quite understand, so will that apply to leagues and Emass, and if say 3-4 teams are merged. Will it still be top 2 go to Nationals ?? or will they advance and only merge at nationals. Example 1 med level 4 , 1 small, 2 large at new englands and say the med and large are merged, does only top 2 move on to nationals ?? I do agree that the level 4 teams are a much smaller group and need to be re-organized to give more competion to the group.

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