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Author TOPIC: crowd participation rules

September 24, 2013
8:02:16 AM

Entry #: 4093197
does anyone it ok for fans to yell out hits on jumps during competition.....just want to make sure it doesnt fall under "instructions" or "directions"


September 24, 2013
10:43:32 AM

Entry #: 4093220
I don't believe it's allowed as it would be considered coaching.


September 24, 2013
7:11:33 PM

Entry #: 4093369
What about the movement of coaches on the side while watching their team? Are they allowed to cheer their team on ex. clap? There were lots of coaches last year jumping and clapping and cheering on the team.


September 24, 2013
7:36:45 PM

Entry #: 4093372
Are you talking Nationals, Regionals? They can cheer their teams on and respond to cheers in the routine. What you can't do is cheer as if you were part of the team. I have seen coaches who do the entire routine from their chair, that's a no no. Yes coaches do get excited and jump up and clap and scream for the girls that's expected. We all know what's excepted and what's not.


September 25, 2013
8:24:22 AM

Entry #: 4093447
If the girls practice with the hit hit hit in the routine can they keep it in as part of it or should they take it out if the crowd is not allowed to yell it.

Cheering Mommah

September 25, 2013
8:43:03 AM

Entry #: 4093454
I would think yelling hit hit hit would be sideline coaching and not allowed. but what do i know....


September 25, 2013
3:31:45 PM

Entry #: 4093582
i guess i meant it as my girls yell that for timing while they practice the routine do i have to take it out or can they actually say it in competition? not the coaching staff

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