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Author TOPIC: Moving on to EMASS

October 1, 2013
12:14:11 PM

Entry #: 4094999
To answer everyone's question: Top 4 teams will be moving on.

Cheering Mommah

October 1, 2013
12:39:21 PM

Entry #: 4095008
Lynette, can you please just clarify the top 4 teams of what? size and level? or just level?


October 1, 2013
12:53:15 PM

Entry #: 4095013
Top 4 teams in each division/level/size. IE: 6 JPW med P1 teams, of which 4 will move on.

Cheering Mommah

October 1, 2013
6:52:05 PM

Entry #: 4095071
Thank you. So excited!!!


October 7, 2013
5:17:57 PM

Entry #: 4096164
Does anyone know how Eastern Mass Comp is going to be judged? Will all level 2's be competing against each other regardless of size or is it going back to level and size? Thanks!

Jen H

October 7, 2013
11:25:54 PM

Entry #: 4096223
It will be,back to normal for emass. Small, med, lg ex,,,,,,,,, you get it lol. Good luck too all

marianne C

October 9, 2013
8:16:28 AM

Entry #: 4096489
Lynette could you please once again specify who is moving on to Eastern Mass? You said the top 4. Is it only the teams that come within certain points?


October 9, 2013
8:25:52 AM

Entry #: 4096493
Top 4 teams from each level/size/division will move on to Eastern Mass. So if there are 5 in a division/level/size only 4 will move on.

Pointedtoes W

October 9, 2013
9:26:41 AM

Entry #: 4096504
I am just wondering. If a team goes level 4 and has no other teams to go up against just bc they just want to win and move on to the Regional Comp and their score is low. How fair is that. To me it looks like they do not want the competition and just get a free ride to Disney. Am I wrong for thinking that? I dont know, to me if you go Level 4 your score should be in the high 80's if your that good and can execute the overall routine. I think its crazy and kinda cheating in a way. What are others opinion on this? I think if you are going level 4 and you do not have anyone else to go up against your should score in the 80's if not you do not move on.Some guidelines on this would be nice.

Chris K

October 9, 2013
9:44:10 AM

Entry #: 4096508
My thought is that there will always be a wide range of skills in any level. The first year a team performs at a higher level they are just learning the higher level stunts. Their scores will be lower. The next year if it is mostly the same girls, they will be perfecting those skills and learning even harder ones so scores will go up. If you are a poor level 4 you are probably a really rocking level 3 with guts. They probably would easily win at the level 3 level and make it to Nationals. They are pushing themselves by wanting to work harder. I say kudos to a coach and group of girls who want to continuely strive to better their group. I think the "free ride" to Nationals is silly. If you look at the worst level 4 teams you'll see that they have worked really hard all year to get to that level. Probably tumbling classes, stretch classes, maybe all star cheering in the off season. It was definately not a free ride if you talk to them, their coaches and their families.

Cheering Mommah

October 9, 2013
10:11:24 AM

Entry #: 4096524
Very well said Chris K. I would like to further your point by saying you should NOT be comparing scores across the different levels (1,2,3,4). All levels can score a max of 100 points. But in each division you are scored based on the skills required for that level. Just because a team in a lower level scores higher than a team in a higher level does not mean they are better team, it just means they performed for THIER skills better. Technically higher levels are performing harder skills. The free ride to nationals statement is a joke! There are NO free rides!!! All these girls practice hard!!!!! not matter what level they are in. There are NO free rides. I wish that people would stop saying this term. Just because a team may not have competition, does not mean they don't work hard.


October 9, 2013
10:52:48 AM

Entry #: 4096539
I really wish people would stop bashing the level 4 teams! Let me be clear my daughter is on a level 3 team not a level 4 but to keep posting that they are getting a free ride is wrong! You have to possess certain skills as a team to be a level 4 team and in order to possess such skills you must work year round to get them as a individual! These teams have to push to get level 4 stunting down in this short pw season! It is unfair for anyone to say that these girls have a free ride! They work very hard to be level 4 and when they declare they have no idea as none of us do how much competition they will have! These are hardworking kids and should be applauded for their efforts instead of criticized by adults!

Sara K

October 9, 2013
11:08:37 AM

Entry #: 4096548
No matter how many times your try to justify " its not a free ride" if u look at the big picture it really is. These teams (in any level) work hard, no doubt, but they could go out on the mat and drop every stunt and be as sloppy as possible and still win. Still go to FL. That's where the term free ride is coming from. All PW cheerleaders work hard, train hard and have passion. The all leave practice sore, sweating and probably angry. What majestic my cheerleaders extremely discouraged is when a team declares a that the clearly do not perform at. (Example a squad declaring level 3 but not executing and level 3 stunts, just super clean level 2 And maybe a few Bhs to avoid real comp) i miss the old days where there wasnt any levels.

Pointedtoes W

October 9, 2013
12:56:43 PM

Entry #: 4096574
All Im saying again is I think some guidelines would be nice. All teams practice hard and should have the same guidelines even if its a level 1,2 or 3 team. If you are not competing against anybody you should be at or above a certain score. I've seen many teams just thru qualifiers and sometimes regionals. So its not just about level 4 its all levels unfortunately level 4 has less teams to compete against. However if you are so crazy about ppl being so upset in PW perhaps you should go coach a All Star Team.


October 9, 2013
1:22:47 PM

Entry #: 4096581
Been waiting for the boards to heat up after the first competition! I don't know about you, but that "free ride to Disney" costs families thousands of dollars two weeks before Christmas. Pop Warner season is so short, it is hard to decide in a few short weeks in August what your team is capable of. As a coach you try your best to decide which level is the best fit for the team. I think it is great if teams push themselves the higher the level the less teams you have to compete against, but by Regionals you should be at the level you declared. If your organization is behind you, you should go for it. And for those parents whose kids are on lower levels complaining about the "free ride", at least there is one less team for you to worry about because if they did not pick the higher level, they would be right along with your team competing for those two slots.

Pointedtoes W

October 9, 2013
2:08:48 PM

Entry #: 4096592
Most parents already have saved and if they didnt save they will find the money to go. Everyone knows going into the season that it is possible to go to Florida. And even knowing its near the holidays most ppl will not care. Its a dream for the kids. Alot of the level 4 teams do know when they declare how far they are going they do there research. I've seen it first hand. Thats why i say have a points system for whoever does not have to compete against anyone. Well good luck to all teams. Curious to see whats out there this year.


October 9, 2013
7:56:12 PM

Entry #: 4096662
I have a question in regards to the scoring criteria: if a team has the minimum amount of girls (6) obviously doing legal pyramids (even in level 1 or 2) would be very limited. So limited that it would be almost impossible for that team to score high in the specific criteria right?


October 10, 2013
10:02:18 AM

Entry #: 4096749
how many judges are at the qualifier and emass championship?

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