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Author TOPIC: Med C level 3??
Cheer C

October 7, 2013
1:35:00 PM

Entry #: 4096092
Any Pee Wee "C" Medium Level 3 teams out there in New England besides Malden, Fair Haven, New Milford, Seymour and Milford?


October 8, 2013
11:04:46 PM

Entry #: 4096462
I heard there was someone in Hockomock and possibly Central MA (I can't remember)

Cheerfierce 2

October 9, 2013
12:11:07 PM

Entry #: 4096563
Is Woburn Med L3? I saw them on the OOA but then heard they weren't? Just want to clarify. The CT teams looked good last weekend, looking forward to states this Saturday and regionals next month!! Good Luck to all!


October 9, 2013
12:16:06 PM

Entry #: 4096564
Just looked at the OOA woburn is large l3


October 9, 2013
5:07:18 PM

Entry #: 4096630
The Woburn C team is 100% large level 3, I coach them. Its wrong on the newest order of appearance.


October 9, 2013
6:07:26 PM

Entry #: 4096643
Woburn is correct on the order. Large p3

Cheerfierce 2

October 10, 2013
3:30:11 PM

Entry #: 4096830
Does anyone know when Central MA and Hockomock will posting their OOA or declaring some more?? Patiently waiting for those to come up!!

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