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Author TOPIC: Grand Champion Emass

October 22, 2013
1:58:03 PM

Entry #: 4099461
Hi, I heard that there will be a grand champion in each division at Emass, as there was at leagues. Does anyone know if this is for sure? If so, then if a team does not win the "grand champ" and does not have any competition in there level, they will not be announced as the winner or receive a trophy? I don't understand why a team working just as hard all season wouldn't receive acknowledgment! Its not the girls fault they didn't have competition? Can someone help me understand!


October 22, 2013
5:14:20 PM

Entry #: 4099537
I hope that's not true. Everyone wants to be able to say that they are the "Eastern Mass Champions" whether or not you have competition. Each division, (small level 1, medium level 1, Large level 1, etc..), SHOULD have its own "Eastern Mass Champion". "Grand Champion" is a good idea, but you still have to have the division champion. The younger kids do not understand the whole "Grand Champion" concept.


October 22, 2013
10:33:20 PM

Entry #: 4099613
I like the new format! This way even if there isn't a team in your division, you are competing against the other teams in your level! It is called a competition for a reason, this way everyone competes!


October 22, 2013
11:00:50 PM

Entry #: 4099616
I understand its a competition! That wasn't my point. My point is, I don't (my personal opinion) think its fair to the girls if a sm 2 that has no one in there division gets beat by a lg 2 for grand champion and that sm2 team leaves without a trophy. This is Eastern Mass! This is a big deal to these kids, hearing there name as division champ is a big deal. Its not the teams fault that there Is no 'competition" in there level. At the least that team should be announced as a level winner.


October 23, 2013
9:07:44 AM

Entry #: 4099670
Actually in the Junior Midget division at the Emass Qualifiers the level 3 grand champs were the Boston Bengals which is a small team! It is not impossible for a small team to win so it is not unfair.


October 23, 2013
9:20:59 AM

Entry #: 4099677
I don't know why you are so focused on the possibility of a team that has no competition in their exact category not receiving a trophy or being called an EMASS Champion. I think whether you are the only team or there are four, the scenario is the same. Just like when everyone says, these girls or this team worked so hard and deserves it - win or lose, they all work hard regardless. I have heard they will call a Level Champion and then in each category an EMASS Champion will be called, beyond that not sure if the second place teams will be announced as second or just advancing - we will see.


October 23, 2013
10:20:15 AM

Entry #: 4099698
Pixie, I stated that it was a personal opinion, everyone is allowed there opinion. I am only hoping that each division winner gets announced as emass champion as they have always been in the past. Grand Champion or not. And by the way, Boston Jm is medium, not small ! Good luck to everyone!!


October 25, 2013
11:26:01 AM

Entry #: 4100221
The whole format change in Pop Warner Cheer is horrible!! The divisions are now all watered down.
In years past it was truly a competition! There were sometimes 8-9 cheer squads from the same division competing for 2 spots to advance. Girls were on the edge of their seats in anticipation of hearing their team called!! And if a team scored high enough, but didn't place first or second, there was a chance for them to advance with a bid... The best of the best moved on... Now, it's changed... And it is clearly visible... Everyone goes to Disney...


October 25, 2013
12:12:41 PM

Entry #: 4100249
I totally agree. Some of these teams will be moving on to Florida because teams from CT, RI & NH will not have teams in certain divisions competing. That never was. We had great competition & talent the old way. Now, more squads get to move on and participate in the Disney experience, but the level of competition definitely is not, and will not be what it was in previous years. Too bad because the anticipation waiting to hear your name at awards were very memorable.


October 25, 2013
12:14:54 PM

Entry #: 4100253
I seriously think that in levels where there are less that 4 teams, they should absolutely be combined. It has taken away the true meaning of COMPETITION. I am really upset about the whole format. What are we teaching these kidseveryone wins. Ridiculous!! I don't want go to Nationals if my team did not WIN to get there.

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