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Author TOPIC: combining by level

October 25, 2013
8:03:37 AM

Entry #: 4100162
I think its great level 4 teams are being combined to provide teams with competition.I wish this would be considered at all levels!nothing more boring being in a division with 2 or 3 teams


October 25, 2013
9:22:39 AM

Entry #: 4100181


October 25, 2013
9:50:45 AM

Entry #: 4100193
Pop Warner should really go back to large and small teams. That would help.


October 25, 2013
10:14:26 AM

Entry #: 4100200
yes..something definitely needs to change.back to small/medium or at the very least minimum score


October 25, 2013
11:27:44 AM

Entry #: 4100223
I'm not quite following about the combining.. Can you explain? Thanks..

Cheer Fan75

October 25, 2013
3:09:42 PM

Entry #: 4100301
The rule states, for Level 4 teams only, that if there are less than 4 teams in any Level 4 division, then all of the teams regardless of size will compete against each other. If there are 4 or more teams, there will a small and a large team size only. How they'll determine small and large is: They'll find the average number of athletes per team in the division. They'll use this number as the LARGEST team size in the small division. There MUST be at least two teams in both the small and large divisions. I know it's a little confusing but it does make sense to me :) Hope this helps!

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