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Author TOPIC: Midget level 4
Alyssa C

November 6, 2013
1:57:24 PM

Entry #: 4103107
What do you all think of the midget level 4 teams? Saugus? Taunton? Milford?

Fifi S

November 6, 2013
3:16:22 PM

Entry #: 4103135
If Saugus midgets are girls from last year's JM team - they will be phenomenal! They won at nationals with 90 for a score! Saw Milford Eagles and they were good.

SPW Cheer

November 6, 2013
3:37:10 PM

Entry #: 4103141
It is about half the team from last year. Going level 4 has been really hard on us. We have had a really rough season with MAJOR injuries. 5 different girls out and then back in and then back out again. Since having to change the routine so many times it has been difficult to clean it up. BUT we are working on it and not giving up!

I haven't seen Taunton or Milford but I know and have heard they are both amazing. :)

Alyssa C

November 6, 2013
3:41:46 PM

Entry #: 4103147
@SPW Cheering great job with your team at your last competition! Based on your teams performance you would have never known about all the injuries! You say 5 girls? That's crazy! Good job and can't wait to see you all at regionals!

SPW Cheer

November 6, 2013
3:46:27 PM

Entry #: 4103152
thank you! we appreciate that!! yes 5 girls, unbelievable right? two are back in and two are still out.. and one quit. we have seen it ALL this season. haha

Cheerislife0271 A

November 6, 2013
3:55:04 PM

Entry #: 4103154
@spw cheer what kind of injuries has you team been facing? best of luck this season as hope everyone is all better for nationals! your guys will be one to look out for! and btw what division are you guys in?

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