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Author TOPIC: Midget level 3 small

October 14, 2014
11:33:30 PM

Entry #: 4149088
Just wanted to confirm Midget Level 3 Small teams. So far I have:

Arlington Spy Ponders
Reading Rockets
South County Indians
Taunton Tigers
East Bay Warriors
New Britain Raiders

Can anyone confirm if there are others or if this list is even correct this is if they all make it out of there local comp because they only take the top 2 or 3 correct???

Are there invites this year?? Good luck to all teams competing this weekend!!!! I think both CMASS and EMASS compete this weekend....

Cheer Fan75

October 20, 2014
8:54:06 AM

Entry #: 4149630
Yes, the teams will all move on to Regionals. I hadn't heard that South County is Midget Small 3 but all of the others are correct :)


October 20, 2014
12:32:01 PM

Entry #: 4149653
Thanks. So all of those teams have advanced to regionals on the 15th? Yes I think South County are level 2 or 3. I also heard South County and Taunton Tigers are the ones to watch out for this year. Do you know if South County is level 2 or 3???

Cheer Fan75

October 20, 2014
5:59:50 PM

Entry #: 4149691
I actually coach the Taunton team in this division. Not sure who said nice things but thank you! We are working really hard. I haven't heard about South County. Didn't they have their competition last weekend?!

Cheer Fan75

October 20, 2014
6:01:20 PM

Entry #: 4149692
Oh and the top two teams from each league automatically move on so yes since all of these teams are from different leagues except Arlington and Reading they will all be at Regionals.


October 21, 2014
10:00:23 AM

Entry #: 4149771
South county is a small 3
Saw them at comp this weekend :)


October 21, 2014
11:19:05 AM

Entry #: 4149788
How was South County? Are they level 2 or 3? Anyone know how any of the other teams are at midget level 3 small?

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