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Author TOPIC: D1, D2, D3 Football ??? (Please help)

August 28, 2015
2:00:51 PM

Entry #: 4180074
Can someone please explain to me what the difference is between these different football divisions? I thought I had a basic understanding of D1 & D2 (D1 teams have wins of a higher level, such as making it beyond playoffs) but am now totally thrown by there being a D3. Sorry, I'm a confused football mom who'd really appreciate a definition of what these divisions actually mean. lol


August 31, 2015
1:26:56 PM

Entry #: 4180327
D1 and D2 are determined by there win to loss percentage over a three year period and change every odd year. D3 is new this year and the big difference is the over lighters. In D3 they can only play as an over lighter if they do not make the min. weight of the next higher level for their age. do to this change D3 teams can only play D3 teams and will only go as far as the New England Championships. D1 and D2 will mostly play in their same division unless they have a bye to fill than they may play each other. They will still play for a National Championship in their level of play. hope this helps


September 3, 2015
6:40:05 PM

Entry #: 4180693
Thank you very much goforit, it helps a lot!

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