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Author TOPIC: New England Rankings 10/28 (playoff time)
New England Connect

October 28, 2015
9:29:36 AM

Entry #: 4185578
do not have an actual website this year as no longer serves the purpose it once did. I am in the process of making a new great new website and looking to add players and games of the week highlights on the page for next season. These rankings are only my opinion as many of you know I have been doing these for 11 years and I am pretty accurate with my opinions not only regionally but I am well known at the national level as well. I am still not coaching anymore as I am very busy with the prep school but I will be attending games starting this week... we have 2 weeks until playoffs begin.. Some major headlines we should be looking at…
HEADLINES FROM THIS PAST WEEK.. Division 2 JPW is Hyde Park and everyone else.. They beat up on a very good Mt Hope team this weekend. IT will take a great game for someone to beat them..

Remember to send in your player of the week nominees for last week’s contest.. Also games of the week for this week will be listed at the divisions they are in..

1. Emass playoffs now have seeds 1-8 no longer leagues matter where you are in the playoffs
3. Unlimited division looks strong again and will try to maybe get us another national title?
4. Games of the week and player of the week submissions can begin by emailing me directly @
5. As many of you know I have paid my own way in traveling to nationals and regionals and games each week for many years...I have now set up a PayPal account for travel funds and for the website we are in the process of making…

EMASS playoffs begin next week.. LOOK NEXT MONDAY NIGHT FOR BRACKETS … I will be attending as many playoff games as I can along with some of my team. Please let me know where you think we should be!! Also I will make predictions next Monday night for each game each night… Don’t hold it against me.
Without Further ado….

Top 5 in unlimited:
Regionals and playoffs will be great in this division this year.. look next week for all my playoff week 1 picks
1. New Fairfield Falcons (7-0) Beat a highly talent West Haven Team during the year.. Watch out
2. West Haven Seahawks (7-1) Big game against Hamden in the semis of SCPW this week.
3. King Phillip Chiefs (8-0) passed all tests in the hockomock so far…
4. Acton Boxboro Colonials- (8-0) Always a well-coached organization.. Could be trouble for all of emass playoffs.
5. New Bedford Bears- (8-0) combined with two other teams for unlimited.. could be the wildcard..

Game of the Week :
1. Hartford Hurricanes (6-1) Yes they lost to Somerville but I am going to keep them here for now.. This is safe to say that the D1 Midget region is the widest open in a long time… playoff times.. Hurricanes got another out of conference game against Revere before playing for the SCPW title next weekend.
2. West Lynn Rams (6-1) matchup with cross city rival East Lynn this weekend
3 .Dorchester Eagles (4-2) one more tune up before playoffs begin...
4 Edgewood Eagles (6-1) bye this week..
5. Somerville (3-4) toughest schedule in New England is getting them ready for playoffs next week
Division 2 Midgets (top 3 only)
1. Hyde Park Cowboys (8-0) When will this train fall off the track? I don’t know if it will
2. West Elmwood Intruders (8-1) Crash Course with the team above..
3. Boston Bengals (3-4) see the d1 #5 for same info….
Division 1 Jr Midget
Game of The week: 9. Hartford Hurricanes @ 3. Stratford Redskins 10 am
5. New Haven Steelers vs. 8. New Britain Raiders 2pm at NH
1. Edgewood Eagles (8-0) they are waiting for regionals to begin.. plays rivalry game with Mt Hope to close out regular season
2. Dorchester Eagles (7-0) keep that train moving
3. Stratford Redskins (7-0) game of the week see above
4. Brookline JP Patriots (7-0)
5. New Haven Steelers (8-1) game of the week see above
6. Malden Cyclones (4-2) Lost to Somerville in an upset this past week.. does not affect their playoffs but hopefully it’s a wakeup call
7. Boston Raiders (5-2) they are on a roll lately.. Regionals with EMASS champion at nov 21,,
8. New Britain Raiders(5-3) game of the week see above
9. Hartford Hurricanes (6-3) game of the week see above
Division 2 Jr Midget
RISMA has no playoffs just sends 1st place team to regionals/Same with Ocean State
Game of the week: Fairfield Giants @ 4. Milford Eagles 1 pm at Fairfield
8. Amity Spartans vs 6. Trumbull Rangers 12 pm Trumbull
1. Brockton Jr Boxers (7-1) one week after singing their praises.. they get smacked by Edgewood.. wake up call for them.. not to say any team in d2 can play with the number 1 team in d1 but still I was expecting more than a 4 td loss.
2. North County Panthers (8-0).. team is just waiting for regionals…
3. New Bedford Bears (8-0) See above
4. Milford Eagles (5-1) game of week
5. New Milford (7-0) game of week
6. Trumbull Rangers (6-2) game of week
7. Amherst Patriots (6-2)
8. Amity Spartans (6-2 )
1. North Attleboro Junior Football (8-0)
2. Dracut Middies (7-1)
3. Chariho Cowboys (7-1)
Division 1 Pee Wee
Game of the Week : 6) New Haven Steelers (7-1) vs. 7) Danbury Trojans (6-2) 10/31
1. Hartford Hurricanes (8-0) playoffs begin for this train
2. Edgewood Eagles 6-0-2 Smacked Revere took away their best player after going down early 8-0 won by 3 scores.. Wake up call for that emass favorite
3. East Lynn Bulldogs (6-0-1) they are now the new top dog in EMASS (at least for this week) playoffs next week after a rivalry game this weekend
4. Revere jr Patriots (6-1) need to reboot before playoffs next week
5. Worcester Vikings (8-0) I can’t believe that I have a undefeated Worcester team this low in the rankings… might come back to bite me
6. New Haven Steelers (7-1) see game of the week
7. Danbury Trojans (6-2) see above
8. West Lynn Rams (5-2) can change everything with a win at East Lynn this week.. I will be going to this game..

Division 2 Pee Wee
Game of the Week: 1. Mt Hope Cowboys vs d1 (2) Edgewood Eagles. Huge rivalry game big time bragging rights.. both can win New England’s in their divisions..
Game of the Week 2) Fairfield Giants vs Naugatuck semifinals of SCPW 10/31
1. Mount Hope Cowboys (6-0-1)see above
2. Fairfield Giants (7-1) game of week
3. New Milford Mustangs (8-0) Weak schedule but sometimes that doesn’t matter.. We will see when regionals approach
4. Portsmouth Patriots (8-0) if they lose the winner of Barrington and East Bay play Portsmouth for a play in game to rep RISMA
5. Barrington Eagles (7-1) see above comments..
6. Boston Bengals (6-1) feel wrong listing them so low but they can flat out play.. could be picking them a lot during the playoffs next week
7. Fitchburg (6-1) Lost to Worcester but can play.. I worry about lack of post season experience but they are a dark horse to take the region
8. Brockton Jr Boxers(6-2) won’t drop them due to a tough loss against the Bengal’s.. need to get it together for playoffs..
9. Amity Spartans (7-1) plays number 10 this weekend
10. Trumbull Rangers (6-2) plays number 9 this weekend
Division 3 Pee Wee (top 3 only, playoff predictions next week)
1. Wilmington Wildcats (7-0) great coached team.
2. North Attleboro Junior Football- (8-0)
3. Franklin (8-0) crash course with number 2 to rep the HOCK..
Division 1 Junior Pee Wee

Game of the week:
5.. Hartford Hurricanes (8-1) @ 1. West Haven Seahawks Saturday 10 am at New Haven
Game of the week 2: 4. Hartford Hurricanes @ 10. Stratford Redskins.

1. West Haven Seahawks (8-0)
2. Dorchester Eagles (7-0) one more week until playoffs
3. Boston Raiders (7-0) see above
4. Hartford Hurricanes (8-1) win or go home this week
5. New Haven Steelers 1 (7-2) sees above…
6. Everett Crimson tide (6-1) Tons of close games.. Will be a tough out in the playoffs.. BE aware of them
7. Triton Vikings (6-1)
8. Worcester Vikings (5-2)
9. East Lynn Bulldogs (5-2) lost to Brockton.. could be a wakeup call
10. Stratford Redskins(5-3) got the 2 seed but I believe Hartford is better

Division 2 Junior Pee Wee
Game of the week: all of scpw semis…

1. Hyde Park Cowboys (8-0) Let’s just say its Hyde Park then everyone else…
2. Mt Hope Cowboys (6-1) tough loss to the arguably the best jpw regardless of d1 or d2…
3. Milford Eagles (7-0) bye this week
4. Naugatuck Warriors (8-0) bye this week..
5. Dighton Rehoboth Falcons- (9-0)
6. Pomperaug Warriors (8-1) anyone of 4 teams can win NCPW but I like them
7. Fitchburg (7-0)
8. Brockton Boxers (6-2) beat East Lynn this past weekend.. Great running back
10. Amherst Patriots (8-0) Always surprises people at this level watch out for them in regionals...
Division 3 JPW
1. King Phillip Chiefs (8-0)
2. Dracut Middies (7-0)
3. NAJF (8-0)
D3 playoffs will be entertaining... I will make sure to get out to some of these next week!
That’s it folks enjoy! Feel free to email me with any questions, comments, or concerns...
Please remember to send your nominations for games of the week and players of the week..

Frank P

October 28, 2015
12:57:39 PM

Entry #: 4185600
Hello. Can anyone confirm if Malden did indeed lose? If so what was the final score. Thank you

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