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Author TOPIC: Ez E.....

November 8, 2011
10:54:46 AM

Entry #: 3833920
So here's the response 2 the blog.
1) Brett gardner didn't get a gold glove cuz he's a pie thrower playin a short porch LEFT FIELD (not cf) and was hurt too!! Badoop!!
2) actually Espn showed more suckees & nag games then Sox games so get off ur bias! Fact!! In addition, if you dnt want 2to watch viable teams pla3)y that draw ratings just turn on comcast & watch the midgets & listen to Kock & Kochie...err..Kruck & Kuip...for boring inept JV basebal....better yet go 22 the game get a stupid panda hat, hobo pirate beard, &the aubrey huff shit stained power thong!!
3) Andrew luck is sick...Phil Simms is an arss

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