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Author TOPIC: 2012

February 17, 2012
1:33:45 PM

Entry #: 3867900
I'm ready for the season already! Lets play some real games! I'm fat and sitting around waiting is not good for me. I hope this year the championship shirts fit! I probably will never get to wear the '11 shirt. Hear is to a fun, healthy and championship '12 season!


March 5, 2012
4:38:19 PM

Entry #: 3875845
Playing and practicing...ost of us...some of us have been gettin' big leagued...is getting old...One more game against the 18 Angels and it's 2012 time...


March 7, 2012
1:51:28 PM

Entry #: 3877129
I see nobody is in the shit talking mood!?! Well I guess I can be the one. I hope those kiddies bring their A game Sunday. We need a test! These games we've been playing have been pretty one sided and I'm ready for a test. Unfortunatly I think it wont be coming on Sunday. I say to the youngsters.......SHUT UUUUUUUUP!


June 5, 2012
3:59:17 PM

Entry #: 3927682
How are the Dodgers enjoying the 45AA div this season? A little different then last year?
Good luck the rest of the way.


June 19, 2012
7:17:11 PM

Entry #: 3935124
I don't know who you are, don't really care. Just want to let you know I invite you to come on and post your random garbage whenever you would like. As long as you don't mind me lighting you up with a verbal barrage. I heard about your comments about what Bob had written about the Giants. You are right they haven't had a tough schedule and it is a small victory for us but, a victory to a team that has been struggling. We will take it. We run from no team and make no excuses. I don't hide behind a nickname I made up and troll message boards either. I earned my name and everyone knows who I am. If you need to find me I'll be in the blue #11 playing 1st base. Come watch I'll give you a lesson.

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