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Author TOPIC: 2013 Playoff teams will be

May 20, 2013
3:38:57 PM

Entry #: 4058873
#3 and #4 spots will be between the Bulldogs, Dodgers and FreeAgents. One of these teams will not qualify.


July 15, 2013
1:18:26 PM

Entry #: 4073736
Who's fighting for third and fourth...? It aint the Dodgers...


July 15, 2013
5:13:25 PM

Entry #: 4073811
Maybe the "HAWK" wasn't able to take into account, heart, determination, ability and the 6 game win streak! Walk off BITCHES!!!


August 6, 2013
6:40:10 PM

Entry #: 4080483
Congratulations to the Dodgers for making the playoffs. But, hopefully they didn't peak too soon?
Looks like it's going to be Pirates vs Bulldogs/FA and Dodgers vs Dragons. Oh Oh


August 13, 2013
7:28:15 AM

Entry #: 4082200
hulk hogan animated photo: hulk hogan animated gif hogan.gif

Whatcha' gonna do Brotha when the best team in SMSBL runs wild on you...


September 23, 2013
8:29:22 PM

Entry #: 4093166
So 8188, what happened to the "best msbl team" I saw they didn't make it to the finals??

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