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Al Stein

June 12, 2013
9:42:30 AM

Entry #: 4065359
Fall Balls right around the corner and we already have teams asking about the fall league. The past few years we have had 8 teams looking to be more this year. Games are played at Hempfield park and recreation in greensburg we have 2 fields and could use 4 if we needed. Anyone interested in getting a team into the fall league this year please post on here with your teams name and contact info its easier to contact me my contact infos on ther bottom. I'll figure out what the entry fee per teams will be after we see how many teams we have and how long we need the fields being they are priced for 3 hour time frames. The entry fee in the past has been $300 and we sold one league ticket. Should be around the same this year. League Supplies Balls, Books and Umpire Fees. League is ASA Rules and Bats, Games are two 7 inning Double Headers and last year we were able to work around Steeler Football and we will do our best to do the same this year. My contact info is 724 575 2481 Ask for Albert

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