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The City League

June 19, 2009
10:49:54 AM

Entry #: 3192320
Throughout the entire season, the Sandy V's displayed "fierce" confidence in themselves and their quest for an undefeated season in The City League's first ever sand volleyball season.

After Captain Chris Hawkins registered the team, he came down an unexplainable rash on his shoulder. After seeing several doctors, it was decided that it must be the world's first case of Herpes in your shoulder. Sitting out the majority of the season to recover from this new found "gift", the Sandy V's turned instead to their de facto leader, Low Brow Nash. When asked about his teams performance throughout the season, Nash displayed a level of confidence rivaled only by Chad Ochocinco himself, when proclaiming, "I am obviously the most attractive, the most athletic and the most 'fierce' competitor in this league. It is only natural that we would win and win in dominating fashion."

That dominating fashion included a perfect 7-0 regular season record followed up by two playoff games where their opponents failed to win even one game.

Congratulations to the Sandy V's for a great season, an inappropriate use of their trophies and for setting the record for the best volleyball team without a player over 5'11"!

-Michael Burger
The City League

The City League

June 20, 2009
11:42:25 AM

Entry #: 3193172
I don't think they can repeat. We have 4 new teams entering the league that are ready to challenge for the Summer Session trophy!

Can Hawkins back support carrying the entire team through 8 weeks of regular season games......again?


June 22, 2009
9:33:10 AM

Entry #: 3194341
the real question is... can they keep up the undefeated run?

also, i saw the team. not only were there players over 5'11", they appeared to be a force to be reckoned with.

The City League

June 24, 2009
11:07:19 AM

Entry #: 3197136
Looks like 4 new teams are stepping up to the challenge of taking home the Summer Session Championship. Can The Sandy V's handle the pressure of repeating as champs? They couldn't handle the pressure of completing the "Perfect Season" and faltered in the 7 week of the season.

Your Mom

July 9, 2009
9:37:44 AM

Entry #: 3210112
What a "low-brow" group of individuals. I can't beleive they won last session.

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