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Author TOPIC: It just won't be the same without Sandy V's

August 27, 2009
8:27:14 AM

Entry #: 3257917
You have to beat the champs to become the champs


August 27, 2009
2:12:04 PM

Entry #: 3258279
It's True...


August 27, 2009
2:14:28 PM

Entry #: 3258281
this session will crown an "interim" champion.


March 11, 2010
8:25:27 AM

Entry #: 3413006
Will the Sandy V's be returning this year?


March 31, 2010
11:40:58 AM

Entry #: 3430929
The V's (entire team) will be back next session... although half of the old team will be playing this session under a different name.

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