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Author TOPIC: Crappy Beer Night?

October 21, 2009
9:23:18 PM

Entry #: 3312441
That's sort of disturbing...I'm hoping for a great night of volleyball! Call Your Balls, let's win and celebrate with great drinks!

p.s. Grr! What's with the 4 Thursdays in a row with rain?!


October 22, 2009
1:03:39 PM

Entry #: 3313124
I like playing in the rain, as long as its not too cold out. Unfortunately tonight's rain might bring some cold temperature!!

The City League

October 22, 2009
1:53:42 PM

Entry #: 3313187
It looks like the rain may die off around 8pm tonight but I wouldn't plan on it. is saying it should be 59-60 degrees all night. Aside form the rain it may not be too bad tonight.

Cale (The City League)

May 5, 2010
8:01:37 AM

Entry #: 3464556
Looks like we are having another "Crappy Beer Party" to celebrate the Spring Session Championship. Do we need to outline what a "Crappy Beer Party" is to anyone?????


May 5, 2010
10:10:30 AM

Entry #: 3464788
Maybe just clarify whether you guys (City League) is supply all of the crappy beer or if you'd like any help from the teams with that.

Cale (The City League)

May 5, 2010
3:09:38 PM

Entry #: 3465207
Like in the past we will get it started with beer that The City League will supply. The teams then get involved by donating what they feel is the "crappiest beer" they can find. From there it's a free for all.

Usually a six pack per team is more than enough. I think there is still eft over crappy beer from 2009 actually!


May 14, 2010
1:27:32 PM

Entry #: 3475167

May be a little clarification on what constitutes "crappy beer" would be appropriate. I see you and Berger drinking PBR light every Thursday. Although the beer clearly announces to everyone that you are well educated and most likely speak six or seven languages (have you mastered Mandarin yet?), the taste can be a little difficult to overcome for the unrefined palate. Perhaps a short list of previous entries would be helpful and get everyone on the same page.


Cale (The City League)

May 14, 2010
2:40:49 PM

Entry #: 3475270

I appreciate the fact that you recognize beer connoisseurs such as Michael and I. When I asked Michael about his beverage selection last night this is what I was told and I quote “It was $1.29 cheaper than Natty Light.”

List O'Beer:
Dirt Cheap
Milwaukees Best
Old English
Keystone Ice

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