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Author TOPIC: Good game last night
Cale's Mom

April 9, 2010
10:39:31 AM

Entry #: 3438532
Hats off to the Clams...

Nash (The Sandy V's)

April 9, 2010
1:03:22 PM

Entry #: 3438674
Too bad my team couldn't pull of a win. Doesn't look good for us without Mr and Mrs Sniper.

Well, there's always next session

Cale (the ref in the tight shirts)

April 12, 2010
9:40:59 AM

Entry #: 3440403
Man... didn't Burger look good in those shorts last week? I think I missed a few points staring at him.


April 13, 2010
4:34:42 PM

Entry #: 3442255
Nash....we REALLY have to find you a hobby. Or get more people to get on this website and talk trash with you.


April 14, 2010
1:01:34 PM

Entry #: 3443169

shut your man-pleaser.

Random Dude

April 15, 2010
8:31:06 AM

Entry #: 3444060
Damn Nash... you are KILLING Burger and Cale!

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