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Author TOPIC: 2011 Umpire Skills

April 9, 2011
9:42:31 PM

Entry #: 3697754

First, let me complement you on your initiative for a sand volleyball league at Shaw Park that is a game for amateurs and is no way indicative of life as a working adult. Thursday night volleyball is an escape that cannot be replaced by conventional daytime boredom.

However, I do find that you're umpire skills were lacking and you're calls were substandard even for a rec league. In the future, I hope you're net observational skills will not suffer. I thought the grey hair would make you wiser...


Terry Tate (Office Linebacker)

April 11, 2011
10:41:13 AM

Entry #: 3698575
Wow! This post really stinks....

Is that smell of a shitty team losing it's first game of the season?? Must be.


April 13, 2011
3:44:46 PM

Entry #: 3701185
Nope TTT. Take a look at the league koozie and guess again.

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