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Author TOPIC: So about this website.....
Douglas D

April 25, 2016
3:08:06 PM

Entry #: 4196068
Looking for ideas and suggestions to help improve this site!

Paul G

May 8, 2016
4:08:52 PM

Entry #: 4197099
Just wondering if the heading of coach for the team can be changed to Captains.
Also is there a way to display all teams and rosters on one page the way the old website had?

Douglas D

May 9, 2016
1:09:32 PM

Entry #: 4197153
Hi Paul. The short answer(s) are no & no.

I've contacted the vendor and confirmed that there is on consolidated view of team rosters. So, we're looking up teams individually presently.

As for 'captain' rather than 'coach', its not available. There are 7 or so different slots, Head Coach, Coach (multiple), trainer, etc that you can put names in. However, there is no option to create a title.

It seemed best to give everyone the same generic 'coach' title.

Sorry. DD

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