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Author TOPIC: Rules for playing ball
Ryan s

May 31, 2017
5:24:59 PM

Entry #: 4221733
So, lets say hypothetically that a certain player on a certain team hasn't played ball since grade six... and I keep getting called out because I don't know the "rules" I have heard "they " have the rules... but I'd like to see them somewhere... Can anyone point me in the direction of a lit of the rules that we play under?

Paul G

June 1, 2017
8:06:57 AM

Entry #: 4221771
Google SPN rulebook, you can download a PDF of the rules we play under. Link below:

There are also local rules which can be more obscure. I think somewhere on this site is the league constitution which has some info.

Richard G

June 30, 2017
12:44:16 PM

Entry #: 4223611
Here is a little info to help:
1. Stay in the batters box while hitting.
2. Run like hell to first and touch the orange bag unless you are going further
3. No stealing, stay on the bag and do not leave it unless the ball is hit.
4. ground ball: If there is a force play, run like hell to the next bag, no force play, go to the next bag if it is safe to do so
5.Fly Ball: You cannot leave your bag until the moment the ball is caught. If you feel the ball will not be caught, run like hell. Do not go to another bag if it is occupied.
6. Listen to the base coaches, always know how many are out, know what you are going to do.
7. Do not block the throw of a base player if you are caught in a fielder's choice.
8. You can slide into second and third. Run right through the first base, do not slow down, no matter if you think you will be out. You may force a hasty throw or mismanagement of the baseball, never give up!
9. Never touch home plate. :)
10. Have fun!
Hope this helped, these are a great bunch of guys, put effort in and no one will ever expect anything more.

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