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Author TOPIC: New bats!
wayne w

January 13, 2019
8:19:50 PM

Entry #: 4259804
Hi everyone, I have only played in the league for 2 years but our bats are getting a little tired. If the league does not have the extra funds to replace a few per team, would they consider allowing each time to buy a bat or two (with strict guidelines) and those bats get donated to the league at the end of the season??

Douglas D

March 4, 2019
2:50:45 PM

Entry #: 4260610
Hi Wayne, sorry for the delay in responding and thank you for your message.

The league does have funds allocated for bat purchases and our budget this year has $2,805.00 reserved for that specific purpose. That spend is predicated on finding a bat that fits our criteria and that can be purchased for all 17 teams.

We've reviewed the idea of teams buying their own bats or individuals bringing personal bats in, but have always found it difficult to a) police and b) maintain a fair competitive balance amonst all the teams.

We're always open to hear new ideas or different spins on our processes and procedures. Thanks for caring enough to write.


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