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Author TOPIC: What to do after hitting a homerun!
Tony M

December 15, 2005
8:00:31 PM

Entry #: 1191045
If you want to have some fun...or get beat up...try some of these when you launch a long ball! :lol:

1. Kneel down on one knee and lay your bat on your shoulder like a bazooka and "shoot the ball down" before it lands past the fence.

2. Pull a couple of dice out of your pocket, roll them toward the pitcher and yell "Yahtzee!"

3. Walk very slowly toward first base, start to stagger then fall down and say, "Watching that ball made me DIZZY!"

4. As you trot around the bases tell each of the infielders, "That DID taste like chicken!!!"

5. After a long homer lands, throw your bat down in disgust and start complaining about how you "missed" that one.

6. Tell the pitcher "Softball is a hitter's game, and don't you forget it, son!"

7. Just before you approach home plate, drop to the ground and do the "worm" until you touch home.

8. As you touch home plate, show off your biceps and ask the catcher if he wants to touch them.

9. Act like you're in shock and proclaim, "I've never hit the ball out of the infield before...the juice really works, it really works!"

10. Tell the pitcher after the game that he's "tipping" his pitches.

11. Yell "Let there be meats and cheeses for EVERYONE!"

12. Tell the umpire that you need to call 911 and report a "missing ball."

13. After a homerun hit on an outside pitch, say "Never pitch a PURE HITTER outside!"

14. Look confused and ask "What just happened?"

15. Apologize to the pitcher for losing "his brand new shiny white ball."

16. Moonwalk around the bases.

17. Yell "Get off me, ball!" as soon as you realize it's a homerun.

18. Have someone bring you a Budweiser and say, "That behemoth blast calls for a toast!"

19. Use your bat as a cane and walk like an old man toward first base. Tell the pitcher, "Good pitch, Sonny!"

20. Pull out a pair of binoculars and watch the ball. Say, "Call the FAA, it's gonna hit a plane!" as the ball reaches its highest peak.

21. Say, "Two words: GONE BEYOTCH!"

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