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Author TOPIC: The Golden Rule of Softball
Mike “Big Cat” Macenko

November 7, 2006
10:50:16 PM

Entry #: 1780044
I have a golden rule of softball that I think every player can live by.

I think that every softball player should have a commitment to their team mates, and that's to play every game as hard as you can. When you play the game of softball, play it with a vengeance.... No matter what the outcome is, never give up. Their will be times when you will be down a large number of runs and you will comeback to win. Keep that same attitude whether you are up by 20 or down by 10. Don't ever feel like you have enough, that's when you don't have enough..... You have to have that killer instinct in your eyes. You always want to have that same look because that way they will never know what to expect from you. Never let them see you sweat. Just keep coming after them. So always remember to play hard and never, never quit. And play for the love of the game...

By Mike “Big Cat” Macenko

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