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Author TOPIC: Why Softball Is Better Than Sex
Dr. Ruth

November 7, 2006
10:54:23 PM

Entry #: 1780048
Why Softball Is Better Than Sex
You can play softball as much or as little as you want; YOU get to decide.
In softball, the other team pays attention throughout, even if they're done scoring.
In softball, nobody comments on the size of your bat, as long as you know what to do with it.
In softball, you don't feel guilty when you win an ugly one.
In softball, you don't have to compliment the other team on how good they look in their new uniforms.
You don't have to buy the other team dinner to get a game.
If you get all scratched up in a softball game, you can brag about it to your wife.
In softball, you can play the same team every day for a year and it's never the same twice.
You don't mind if your parents come to watch you play softball.
You can play three, maybe four softball games a day.
Playing the wrong softball team won't get you shot.
During a softball game you can spit sunflower seeds all over the place.
The other team doesn't demand that you shave before the game.
After an unusually long and difficult softball game you can still ride your bike home.
The other team can smell like road kill and you'll never know it.
If you don't score in a softball game, the other team doesn't ask you if you've had that problem often.
No matter how drunk the other team is they never throw up in your bed.
Softball games usually last at least 60 minutes.
You can drink a 12 pack of beer and still swing your bat.
And, in one hour you can get to first base, second base, third base, and even hit a home run without spending money on dinner.

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