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Author TOPIC: All 2009 Softball Bat Models

March 3, 2009
11:34:12 PM

Entry #: 3073725
Get your 2008 or older ASA 98 mph ASA Approved bat while you can. This bat will be never be made again for ASA. Starting July 1st all new models of bats for ASA will be subject to new ASA test procedures. ASA has notified all bat companies that all (2009 Models) will have to undergo a new test named the (ABI) Advanced Break in Technique test which is actually ASA rolling the bat with a compression machine on the barrel. The bat would then be put to the 98 mph test and if it fails then ASA reserves the right to ban the bat. This has forced the Bat companies to make the bat around 93 to 94 mph in the wrapper to begin with instead of how they have been making bats like this as close to 98 mph in the wrapper as they could. All current models like this one will be grandfathered in indefinitely and will not be subject to the new ABI testing. So get them while you can.

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